Romanian InSpace Engineering SRL



RISE is a start-up established in 2017 by a team of researchers with complementary professional backgrounds and built around an experienced core of space related projects. The company represents the effort of the founding members to spin their past experience, as a team in a Romanian space national research institute, towards the industrial and commercial applications of the same domain.

RISE was founded to serve as a catalyst for growing research from basic and rough ideas to commercial products and services. Our team has experience in space project management both on national grants, and on ESA contracts. With a perfect mix of background experience based on physics, aerospace engineering, electronics, and software development, we a dedicated to share our experience with companies bringing new products to market and providing a template for developing for space. We support the spin into space activities with a focus on requirements definition, development of procedures, product assurance and qualification campaigns.

Our long term focus is on close proximity operations for large and small spacecraft and bringing to market the enabling technologies at affordable costs. We are working on products dedicated to augmenting in orbit knowledge on the spacecraft and the surrounding objects. These shall result in a more active role in space management by supporting the tracking of large space debris and their de-orbiting.