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The members of SpaceTech cover the following sectors mandatory for know-how establishment


Create and sustain a pool of specialized people in aerospace technology – labor qualification.


Intensive use of knowledge to produce innovative solutions or intermediate services for industry appliance


Development of value-added products and space-based services, which open new market opportunities

Local Administration

Promote cluster activities/ events involving local government in the regional economical, educational and cultural development

Become part of SpaceTech

Any legal entity who concurs in working in this direction can apply for membership by completing the SpaceTech Membership Application Form. The application form, with a small presentation of their firm should be sent to our email adress.

Any membership application sent to the Cluster Manager will be decided by the Board of Directors within 30 days and the applicant is informed of the result in writing.

Full members of SpaceTech are the Founder’s of the Association and the legal entities whom are confirmed the membership by the Board of Directors upon their application.