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Space Tech at ROSA's Event "Space and Security for Eastern Europe 2022 - Conference and Exhibition"

Space Tech

Space Tech was present at the event held by Romanian Space Agency (ROSA), at the Parliament Palace, from 16 to 19.05.2022, “Space and Security for Eastern Europe 2022 – Conference and Exhibition”, where the event also marked the 10th anniversary of Romania’s accession to the Charter of the European Space Agency. Our association had the opportunity to present its existing members, the way it functions and its main objectives.

Space Tech had its own stand where some of our members presented their information on the activities carried out in the aerospace field in projects developed with ESA, and on 19.05.2022, Ana Cucu also gave a presentation of the association with information on how Space Tech works and to introduce the members associated.

Many entities have shown interest in us regarding our organization and we had the opportunity to contact directly Mr. Ph.D. Dumitru-Dorin Prunariu, who was the first Romanian astronaut, and 103th person in space, so we had the opportunity to invite him to represent us as an honorary member of Space Tech.

We thank ROSA for this opportunity and we want to collaborate in near future for the development of new innovative projects in the aerospace sector.

More information about the event can be found here.