Centre of competence for wireless Intra-SATellite Technologies (IntraSAT-Tech)



The Centre of competence for wireless Intra-SATellite Technologies (IntraSAT-Tech) was founded in 2016 within the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca (TUC-N). The scope of IntraSAT-Tech is to perform research, development, and innovation activities related to satellite systems, including the technological niche of wireless intra-satellite communications. IntraSAT-Tech targets the provisioning of a collaboration platform for researchers that have expertise in satellite communications systems. Therefore, IntraSAT-Tech aims to: enhance the collaboration between individual researchers, foster a culture of cooperation between research clusters of TUC-N and industry (especially SMEs), engage specialists from leading national research institutions and industry, and provide the necessary infrastructure and knowledge/expertise to be accessed by researchers or industrial specialists with interests within or related to satellite communication systems.
The existing resources available at the IntraSAT-Tech Centre (complete list at include hardware instrumentation and dedicated software tools for on-board satellite link emulation (STAR-Dundee SpaceWire equipment), rapid prototyping of high-performance wireless communication systems (National Instruments SDR solution) and for testing and measurements (Rohde & Schwarz Instruments), providing a comprehensive platform for the implementation of research projects in the field of satellite communications.
The research interests of the IntraSAT-Tech team span across a wide range of radio access technologies (from wireless sensor networks to terrestrial and satellite communications networks) and envisage both fundamental microwave / radiocommunications aspects (such as radio channel modelling, radio network planning, protocol stack definition, antenna design and optimization) and radiocommunication technologies with special applications (such as wireless intra-satellite communications, channel modelling and traffic management in high throughput satellite systems, space surveillance and tracking, beamforming antenna arrays, and wireless location and positioning).