Sky Zepp SRL



SKY ZEPP was set up in 2006 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. From the very beginning, we sought to meet the demands of our existing and potential clients, to deliver on our promise of quality, quantity and speediness, at a market competitive price. We are a young and dynamic company, aware from the onset that a successful start and growth relied on meeting client criteria and requirements. Thus performance and quality have been the fundamental principles that have guided us through. Know-how and adaptability backed by strong financial support have enabled the establishment of the youngest metalworking company relying on state of the art metalworking technology.

Throughout the years, our team has gained relevant insights and experience in the manufacturing sector. This is when, as the management of the company sees it, the first engine of the company was ignited, with the purchase of a 3 axes manufacturing equipment that enabled components manufactured and supplied by our company to set into motion the gears of our clients. Today we rejoice at the thought of countless engines, pumps, and gears working with parts we manufactured. Approval from our clients was the key that fired the second engine of SKY ZEPP – development and extension of its manufacturing capacity. In 2012 we initiated the new revamping project that entailed the purchase of new technology. We sought to rise up to the new challenges by expanding our CNC 3 axes metal cutting capacity and by purchasing a CNC 4 axes milling machinery made by world-renowned manufacturers. Thus we gained the capacity to carry out complex and minutely precise works from design to finish. Our company does general mechanical works, and related engineering and consultancy activities, working mainly for assembly or intermediary businesses.

Performance in parts manufacturing, the quality of the parts and punctuality of the works make SKY ZEPP a strong competitor on the precision parts market. Our clients call on our services because they know they can rely on state of the art equipment and thorough and experienced professionals. One of SKY ZEPP’s strengths consists in its capacity to manufacture parts of various shapes and size. With the help of our automated machines we can manufacture a whole range of sizes: from the smallest parts to large parts used in all industries. Our capacity allows for parts of 1035 mm maximum length that can reach a 500 mm maximum diameter by means of milling or turning. Here are some of the components we manufacture: connectors, spacers, pressure rings, spacing rings, valves, nipples, chips.


Technology is the collection of methods, processes, operations conducted or applied on raw materials and data for the making of a given end product. The end product delivered to our clients is the results and fulfillment of the work of our team. It is also a source of pride and ultimately our business card. Our rigorous and demanding clients have enabled us to do better and to work together in order to meet the expectations of the end-client – THE CUSTOMER – which we thank for having chosen to purchase quality products that feed the chain of ideas and innovations SKY ZEPP puts to work.