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Romanian InSpace Engineering SRL

MARGOT – Multipath & Interference Error Mitigation Techniques for Future Maritime e-NAV Services, was the first project for the European Space Agency implemented by our company and the consortium of international partners we coordinated. The project was included in ESA’s NAVISP Element I programme and it was developed by RISE, with the Romanian Space Agency, GMV, Joanneum Research and GeoEcoMar as partners.

MARGOT was focused on monitoring the GNSS environment in real life maritime navigation services, to develop models and methods for mitigation against errors in positioning. With almost 2800 hours of data collected in different maritime and fluvial navigation environments and an in-depth analysis of the local errors that impacted the GNSS measurements, the project provided conclusions for local error modelling and recommendations for future maritime regulations. RISE presented the activities and results of MARGOT at the ION GNSS+ conference, in the Marine Applications and Search and Rescue session. We are honored to announce that our presentation was selected the best presentation of this session.