Virtual Lab


Electronics and computer science

Custom designed industrial data acquisition boards and software.
Design of data acquisition and process control systems.
System modeling and evaluation software for processes with high order transfer functions.
Custom PCB prototypes designed for cryogenic system setup under high vacuum control used at the 13C isotope separation plant.
Software design for 16/32 bit Microchip and Atmel microcontrollers
Computer board designed to ensure self-monitoring of the solar tracking system for Fresnel lens solar concentrators.
Custom design of encryption systems.
A prototype for a custom encryption platform developed based on RSA algorithm implementation.
Semiconductor intellectually property core design – IP core design.
Design of application specific IP cores for signal processing, automation and control using VHDL.
Design of digital hardware architectures for algorithms parallelization.
Behavioral and post place and route simulation of Ip cores. Series: Signals and Communication Technology
Offers numerous applicative examples developed within INCDTIM, making the text easily understandable.
Design of numerical algorithms and methods for complex systems.
Design and simulation of physical processes for accurate quantitative predictions of fluid dynamics, optical systems performance, thermal and electrical effects in complex systems.
Design and implementation of image processing algorithms for image enhancement, image segmentation, features extraction using PDE, neural networks, mathematical morphology, clustering procedures.
Implementation of both coding and decoding algorithms for high-throughput wireless communication, aiming error correction and secured data transmission.
Simulations for aerospace applications: thermo-mechanical, vibration analysis, stress analysis, crack propagation, stress intensity factor, cfd study of jet impingement, etc.
And an example of image processing workflow for oil slick detection using satellite imagery