Control Data System SRL




PCBA prototyping equipment. A pick and place machine and a small reflow oven provide the capability to quickly execute prototype PCBA boards with components as small as 04-02. PCB’s can be ordered in small batches from European suppliers and manual operations such a curing, potting and conformal coating can be executed in-house.
Controlled linear and circular movement rail. A programmable, computer controlled rail provides circular and linear movement for range and range rate testing. The accuracy is sub mm for linear displacement for a length pf 2m and sub 1 deg. for circular movement with 360 deg. capability.
FPGA development kit. For prototyping of FPGA systems CDS has at its disposal a full Xilinx ZCU102 Ultrascale+ development kit, which includes the ZCU102 development board, the AD-FMCOMMS5 analog RF front-end from ADI and the STAR-Dundee FMC SpW/SpaceFibre board

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

RF measurement equipment. Spectrum analyzers and signal generators are available to perform conducted and radiated RF measurements. EMC tests and spectral mask conformity can be performed up to 20 GHz