Cutting edge space technology

A new pathway for regional development in aerospace technology


Romania has a new organization in aerospace technology

This move was necessary as we observed the regional agglomeration of advanced technology firms and the benefits that a collaboration in a cluster like format could bring on the local economic progress

We are an NGO that opens a new path for local economic development based on aerospace technology, a sector of global financial interest. As Romania has the necessary key elements needed to create cutting edge space technology starting from components manufacturing, engineering, design, IT and R&D development, we are just bringing together the pieces needed to create a regional economical infrastructure with interest in aerospace applications.


This cluster partnership intends to bring valuable aerospace projects, to help create a talent pool of technically specialized people, to support the development of the involved parties, to boost the cooperation between stakeholders and create a collaboration with other aerospace associations/clusters abroad.

Based on Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS), Space Tech will encourage local innovation and the cooperation between industries, research and professional trainings.


Our main goal is to create a specialized framework that will contribute to the regional improvement of the education, technology and economy through

  • Raising stakeholders awareness of their role in accessing international/national aerospace research and development funding programs
  • Initiating/participating and supporting aerospace projects at national and international level
  • Joint participation in national and international forums (conferences, expositions, economic events)
  • Creating a testing infrastructure by pooling together the equipment/services that each member can provide, thus establishing a virtual testing laboratory;
  • Creating specialized events in aerospace technologies that will facilitate dissemination of research results in this domain and generate employment opportunities for young specialists
  • Creating specialized events in aerospace technologies that will facilitate the dissemination of research results and generate employment opportunities for young specialists
  • Aerospace Education through training activities
  • Creating synergies between local entities through collaborative projects
  • Developing national and international economic relations


To reach our objective we concentrate our attention on the steps we make

1. Connecting stakeholders
2. Expressing, defining and helping each member to set its role in the organization
3. Affiliating to other aerospace cluster organizations, national and abroad
4. Collecting information about the technological developments in the aviation and space sector, journals and publications related to these
5. Systematic identifying funding opportunities – national and international
6. Creating knowledge dissemination at specialized events
7. Supporting training in aviation and space sector
8. Establishing a testing infrastructure by pooling together the equipment/services that each member can provide, thus realizing a virtual testing laboratory
9. Ensuring a production standard and products/services quality in the aviation and space sectors


Providing Research and Innovation in Aerospace Technology, in an expanding market with a global financial interest surrounding aerospace sector is essential and we need to use our own assets. We can shape a better future in Romania as we are taking part in a globalizing world where progress depends on the production and use of knowledge.


Our members experience regarding aerospace



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